Located less than a mile from the Atlantic Ocean, B&B Bagh Alluin on the Isle of Baleshare is the perfect place to stay.

Baleshare has the European status of 'Special Area of Conservation' and it is well known and loved by birdwatchers from all over the world.

In summer the machair is covered in a bewildering profusion of flowers that are visited by many species of bumblebees including the endangered Great Yellow Bumblebee.


Dunlin, Lapwing and many other species of wader breed alongside a variety of ducks, which sometimes include Wigeon and Shoveller and an Arctic Tern colony is within easy walking distance.

Even Corncrakes are regular breeding birds on Baleshare and their rasping calls might be heard from your window in the early morning hours.

Hen Harriers, Buzzards and Merlins are a regular sight around Bagh Alluin and the tidal areas are great for spotting waders.





Autumn brings a number of unusual visitors, which in recent years have included several Buff-breasted Sandpipers (blown off course from North America).





Winter brings Whooper Swans along with Barnacle Geese to join the resident Greylags.

The Golden Eagles and even White-tailed Eagles will be seen hunting for rabbits on the machair.


Recent unusual visitors at this time have been Lesser Scaup (another North American visitor) and the impressive Snowy Owl.


And even in winter Otters are yet another attraction and can often be encountered along the shore or at the lochs and sometimes red deer come down from the hills to visit Baleshare in search for food.

 When the tide is in the sands surrounding Baleshare are amazing.

When the tide is in the sands are amazing.